About Louise Grandjonc

March 2018 ยท 1 minute read

Alt textMy name is Louise, I am a web developer. I’ve been working as a lead python developer at Ulule for three years. Previously I worked at peopledoc as a python developer. Before that I was a student at the UTC (not the timezone).

I am also working on a few sides projects, like a website for a musician, drawer, architect, the pgday paris website and a lot of unfinished experimentations (mostly for fun).

I love writing SQL, python, data modelisation, using emacs, solving tricky problems till my head hurts. My job also includes some management, dealing with technical debt, some html and jQuery… I am also a human so I like normal things like trying a billion different recipes for a cake, playing music, doing talks at conferences and meetups. I apparently enjoy very much spending hours preparing those and using funny owls drawings in my slides.